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  Engaging with Vance Broadcast Television

Vance TV is an interactive advertising company creating campaigns that help brands fine success through highly integrated social advertising programs, for your brands to engage in our television programming and out of home advertising.
These high impact, high share ad units are available on our television broadcast, websites, tradeshows and out of home marketing.
Delivering greater brand impact that’s ideal for deeper – funnel engagement driving brand favorability and purchase intent.


Vance TV is a destination for online, and television programming with new programs in production, shows include Cooking with Moni, Kids World, and The Business Show.
Many other original series programs are in production. These original series programs include seamless integration into high targeted advertising that will be relevant and actionable.
All video programs can be viewed on YouTube, Google TV, and the Roku broadcast network. Pre roll, mid-roll and post roll ads will be available for customization.


Vance TV mobile innovation provides apps that are downloadable that provide a global reach. Vance TV app reaches consumers on iOs, Android, Windows Mobile, Google TV and Kindle Fire platforms. More than ever consumers with Smartphone’s and tablets are using these devices with their daily life planning.


Social Media
Vance TV engages with social sites (including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest), with the web’s most vocal and viral consumers, through our programs and integrated content, enable brands to be a part of conversations happening daily among millions of shoppers. Programs may be tailored to include extensions of Vance TV shows.


Out-of-home advertising build brands and drives transactions, with a powerful of mix of formats, location, and a technology that surrounds and immerses hard to reach audiences during the 70% of the daily consumers spend away from home. We operate an in-house graphic design department and wide format printing. Our footprint and a deep local presence can create effective campaigns build for big brands and local business. At VTVN our objective is quite straight forward to produce targeted communication solutions that become a definitive standard.

We provide full color TV displays in locations in your local area, we’re a partner to be counted on for fresh, innovative ideas, rapid response and genuine value.

VTVN can provide video production, editing, digital photography, multimedia presentation and design of your commercial and advertising message.


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